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    Custom Software Development Specializing in COBOL Programming

  • Custom software development for Windows 95/98/NT and DOS
  • Complex data analysis
  • Converting mainframe tape data to PC formats
Cooperative Development Option
    Although Lewis Systems provides standard arrangements for programming services, we are also looking for companies with specialized computing needs that would be interested in a form of partnership where we develop the software that fits your needs (at a substantially reduced price to your business) and our company maintains the right to market the software.  As the discount would depend upon estimated market value we cannot list a standard rate but we would be more than happy to discuss this possibility with your company.
    There is a persistent rumor that COBOL is an outdated language so we thought we would explain why we choose COBOL as our primary development tool.  COBOL -- like most languages -- has evolved and adapted with time.  Today, COBOL creates windows with an extensive list of Windows controls and functions (List boxes, rich edit fields, pop-up menus, response to mouse and window events, ...); the list of features is huge.  COBOL can create applications that support ODBC data formats (such as Microsoft Access), include OLE objects, create modules that can be called by most other languages including C++ and Visual Basic, and can be deployed as CGI Internet applications or in mainframe, client/server or multi-tasking environments.  It is COBOL's performance and reliability that make it the language of choice for business applications.
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